9-10 Nov. 2016
Cité de congrès
Nantes, Fr

Devfest Nantes 2016 > Code of conduct

Code of Conduct

Light version of explicit "Code of Conduct policy".

The GDG Nantes is proud to be an open community that respects differences and diversity. This implies that no inacceptable deeds or language is used or allowed at our meetings. In other words, so as to be more lucid for clear understanding, here's a reminder of what we will not accept: jokes or insults about gender issues / sex / race / religion / nationality / morphology, showing pornographic images, touching someone without his/ her consent, or continuing to interact with people who you have explicitly asked you to stop. Violations to these guidelines can lead us to exclude you from our meetings and DevFest.

If someone bothers you in any way, we request you to immediately contact the organizers who will put in place the necessary measures. We want to keep the DevFest respectful of others and make it a socially enjoyable event.

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